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Dando Esperanza is dedicated to supporting as many people as possible, and in our efforts we require no praise and no thank yous. For that reason we have decide that the face of our organization will be our founders trusty dog. Meet Leo!!

Leo is honored to be selected as the face of Dando Esperanza! He will be answering all of your emails and questions on our social media and website. He will also be making appearances during pickups of donations, and for a belly rub he will happily pose for pictures. Stay tuned to learn more about Leo and his big ideas and future projects for Dando Esperanza.

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Dando Esperanza is so excited to share our journey in helping as many people as possible in Suchitepequez Guatemala with you. This organization was founded in 2021 with the support and inspiration from the Arevalo-Reyes family who for many years has been dedicated to helping those in their community. Becoming a nonprofit organization has been a goal of our founders for many years. They are so pleased to share this labor of love with you and have high hopes and big dreams for what Dando Esperanza can become. Check out of website and social media for ways to get involved in our organization and our annual projects.

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